Béchard & Hudon

CATHERINE BÉCHARD was born in 1962 in Sept-Îles, Quebec (CA). SABIN HUDON was born in 1964 in Lesage, Quebec (CA). Béchard has an MA in Visual and Media Arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Hudon has a music formation and is a foley artist and also a sound designer. They live and work in Montreal and have been an artistic duo since 1999. Their work is based on multiple parameters: sight and hearing, materiality and its resonance, time and space, movement and immobility, sound, silence and listening. As many lines of encounter, vanishing points, gray areas or simultaneity curves that shape our experience of the world. Among others, they are interested in sounds generated by acoustic sources, their spread, the impressions they provoke, but also things, as well as the silences between things, that make up our perceptions. Their approach is developed through proposals from various aesthetics that can merge in a single project: sound sculpture, kinetic and sound installation, sound art, performance and public art.

By the cycling of fleeting tensions between sight and hearing, they create works where the resonance of the “bodies” in motion and their stillness, opens different areas of attention between what is, what isn’t anymore and what happens. Their projects were presented in solo and group exhibitions in many cities across Canada, as well as the Czech Republic, Brazil, United States, Germany, Croatia and China. Moments Adrift, a monograph on their practice, was published in 2011 by Oboro Editions.

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