Béchard & Hudon

CATHERINE BÉCHARD (born in 1962) and SABIN HUDON (born in 1964) live and work in Montreal and form an artistic duo since 1999. Béchard has an MA in Visual and Media Arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal and Hudon has a music formation. If their main medium is kinetic and sound installation, they also create silent motile sculptures, audio pieces, performances, 2D and public art works. Their creative work is at the crossroads of multiple parameters: sight and hearing, materiality and its resonance, time and space, movement and immobility, invisibility and propagation, sound, silence and listening. As many lines of encounter, vanishing points, grey areas or simultaneity curves that shape our experience of the world.

Their interest lies in the acoustic possibilities of various objects, in the sonorities stemming from daily activities or natural environments. Working with select materials and objects, we develop performative mechanisms that generate living sound situations, creating listening-conducive spaces that encompass a dialogue with the visual dimension. Sound manifestations are born from the live-generated commonplace actions of moving mechanisms, or from loudspeakers transmitting sound recordings within carefully orchestrated installations.

Silence plays an important role in their work. Sound and silence are the two poles of a same body, inseparable from one another and in continual resonance. Silence also means the invisible, a whiteboard, a blank page or the interval that (re)activates our attention to our environment. Life itself is their raw material: they transcode it to create unstable situations that diversify our relationship to times and things.

Their work have been presented in Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Brazil, United States and China. Their artwork has recently been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the Centre d’exposition Lethbridge and ELLEPHANT Gallery as part of the International Digital Art Biennial in Montreal in 2016, the Mois Multi in Quebec city in 2016, the Knockdown Center in Brooklyn, in the context of the event Quebec Digital Art in NYC in 2015, at the Device Art Triennal in Zagreb in 2015 and at the National art Museum of China during the exhibition ThingWorld: International Triennal of New Media Art in 2014. Béchard and Hudon also produced two permanent public works in Quebec: a sound installation in the steeple of the new CHUM in Montréal in 2016 and an exterior sculpture at the Gilles Vigneault primary school in Montreal in 2015. Moments Adrift, a monograph on their practice, was published in 2011 by Oboro Editions.