Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

Samuel Arsenault-Brassard is an artist specializing in virtual and augmented reality art, as well as in virtual sculpture and speculative architecture. Originally working in traditional painting, in 2016 he started to develop virtual sculptures to create art that that can be explored and inhabited physically. His body of work consists of intricate handcrafted sculptures in virtual reality and speculative buildings exploring the architectural limits of virtual reality.

In 2019, ELLEPHANT presented two virtual reality sculptures by Samuel Arsenault-Brassard: Oasis, a special project at Art Toronto ( and Salvo at ELLEPHANT in Montreal, as part of Elektra ( Since 2018, Arsenault-Brassard has been building a virtual gallery, entitled CULTVRAL Art Gallery, dedicated to VR artworks. This virtual space, currently consisting of sixteen rooms, is set to grow and become more complex over the coming years. From this ongoing project, a series of archival digital prints have been realized. These works are exhibited in ELLEPHANT’s booth at Art Toronto 2020 and in the group exhibition Floating Paper, curated by Elsa Guyot PHD, 2021.

Recognized for his expertise in the field of VR / AR Art, Arsenault-Brassard has been invited as a lecturer at Carleton University and is the co- curator of ELLEPHANT’s ongoing VR Program. He is also the guest curator for the upcoming group exhibition and symposium on VR Art organized by Galerie Art Mûr and ELLEPHANT, 2021, Montreal.