Daily Waverings

Sound and Kinetic Installation
May 7 to June 11, 2016
ELLEPHANT is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Montreal based duo of artists Catherine Béchard and Sabin Hudon. In everyday life, time appears structured, ticked out precisely by machines and their inner clocks that we don’t always control. In reality, time flows, bends, speeds up, slows down – it can even move so slowly that it appears to have stopped. The enigma of time is the starting point of Béchard Hudon’s new installation. These kinetic, sound sculptures explore the forth dimension, proposing visual, audible, geometric interpretations of the space-time continuum. Béchard and Hudon created these temporal landscapes for machines to perform, in order to visualize an alternative to our misguided human illusion of time as a measured, linear journey with a past, present and future.
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In partnership with Montreal’s Digital Art Biennial.