Emmanuelle Léonard


The creative approach of Montréal photographer and filmmaker Emmanuelle Léonard consists of developing strategies for representing societal hierarchies and power structures. For each project, she elaborates a rigorous, specific and unique production method. Known for her outstanding use of photographic techniques, and her ability to deftly navigate between a documentary approach and conceptual photography.

During the pandemic, following the declaration of a state of health emergency throughout the province of Québec, a curfew was introduced. Faced with very long difficult nights, confined to her home like the entire population, Emmanuelle obtained a work exemption to crisscross, camera in hand, the almost deserted streets of the city of Montréal. She observed the loneliness of homeless people and the slow movements of the police, contrasting sharply with the rhythmic movement of the meal deliverers.

Feeling the biting cold, the photographer had the idea of ​​working with a thermal camera. She patiently waits for all the elements of each of her compositions to line up in her lens, without ever elaborating a mise-en-scène.

The works in the series Black Out (The Deliverers) testify to the reality of workers, especially food delivery people, carrying out their activities consistently and in silence, at the heart of a deeply influential period.