Sabrina Ratté


Through her work, Sabrina Ratté enables the visualisation of speculative futures exposing new and potential worlds. Her subject matter is inspired by a wide range of sources: the writings of Donna J. Haraway, Ursula K. Le Guin, Greg Egan; the drawings of Hans Bellmer; Greek mythology and the philosophy of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

Using photogrammetry to scan objects, plants and her own body, Ratté combines elements from the real world into her 3D animations. Through a combination of analog technologies (video synthesis and visual feedback), 3D animation and digital effects, Ratté’s imaginary worlds always retain an echo of our current existence. These relics from the past are seen in Objets-Monde, where the last vestiges of a former culture are visible only as remains of psychedelically-coloured cars and cathode-ray tube monitors in an uninhabited landscape. Traces of the effects of the Anthropocene.

The captivating and bewitching way Ratté fuses electronic and human memory, the apocalyptic with nostalgia, preciousness and waste, idealised nature and the indelible presence of humans, is a contemporary Siren song that cannot be resisted.