Angie Quick

Angie Quick’s art explores how our bodies interact with the world. We are sexual beings. Sex and sexuality are such a huge part of our identity. We all come from sex and whether we crave it or not, it exists all around us. She imagines characters who present different versions and outpourings of desire and what these emotions might look like expressed in oil paint. She happily describes her work as horny, but she is thinking of this term outside of an imperative to procreate or fornicate. She presents horniness as something found in the ether, that we give off, that can be nasty and pleasing at the same time. The bodies in her paintings are sites of disruption, there is something profoundly disturbing and something profoundly redeeming in how she depicts them. They blend with one another, there are no boundaries, they lose their individual identities and in the process something universal emerges out of that chaos.