Evergon is widely recognized as a significant cultural icon in Canada. He stands as both an artistic innovator and a social trailblazer, delving into contemporary themes surrounding cultural and body diversity, as well as the complexity of identity. Over nearly five decades, his artistic journey has been marked by bold explorations in photography, technology, and aesthetics.

At the core of Evergon’s work lies a profound exploration of identity, body diversity, love, desire, and the passage of time. He approaches these themes with a celebratory spirit, often infused with humour, embracing the full spectrum of human experience. His work, simultaneously political and sensual, prompts reflections on sexual orientation and challenges societal norms.

Evergon’s creative vision knows no bounds. Utilizing techniques such as collages, photocopy art, and a diverse range of photographic approaches, including Polaroids, he revitalizes traditional genres such as portraiture, landscapes, and nudes with remarkable vitality.