Evergon is regarded as a genuine cultural icon in Canada. He is an artistic and social pioneer who focuses on contemporary questions concerning cultural and body diversity and diversity of identity. For nearly 50 years, the artist’s career has centred on bold photographic, technological, and aesthetic research. Evergon is an immense creative force: identity, […]

Emmanuelle Léonard

  The creative approach of Montréal photographer and filmmaker Emmanuelle Léonard consists of developing strategies for representing societal hierarchies and power structures. For each project, she elaborates a rigorous, specific and unique production method. Known for her outstanding use of photographic techniques, and her ability to deftly navigate between a documentary approach and conceptual photography. […]

Elisabeth Picard

  The processes of nature’s growth and transformation generate the architectural constructions that are the basis of Elisabeth Picard’s sculptural practice. Inspired by new technologies used in the fields of design, architectonics and engineering, she creates sculptures and installations in an intuitive and personal way. Applying artisanal textile manufacturing techniques such as basket weaving, braiding […]

Sabrina Ratté

  Through her work, Sabrina Ratté enables the visualisation of speculative futures exposing new and potential worlds. Her subject matter is inspired by a wide range of sources: the writings of Donna J. Haraway, Ursula K. Le Guin, Greg Egan; the drawings of Hans Bellmer; Greek mythology and the philosophy of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Using […]

JJ Levine

  Over the past eighteen years, photographer JJ Levine has created studio portraits across three major series: Queer Portraits, Alone Time, and Switch. Across all three projects, JJ Levine hopes to provoke thought, while maintaining a commitment to formal photographic techniques. The underlying goal of his work is to celebrate the resistance and resilience in […]

Shanna Strauss

  Shanna Strauss is a Tanzanian-American-Canadian mixed media artist. She grew up in Tanzania and later moved to the United States, then Canada where she lived for 12 years. Her experience of living in and navigating multiple geographical spaces, cultures, languages and histories has greatly informed her practice. Shanna’s work explores oral tradition, family legacy, […]

Adam Basanta

  Databases of cultural production are simultaneously the result of organizational logic, priorities, and biases, and a further reification of such value systems in the world. In the current context of institutional critique, is there more we can learn from cultural datasets and the means in which they are organized? What occurs to the status […]


  A contemporary and multidisciplinary Turtle Clan Kanien’kehá:ka artist, Skwawennati was born in Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory. She is known for her machinimas and machinimagraphs, textile art, doll sculptures, avatars, celestial trees, and space-age longhouses. Her body of work transcends conventional Indigenous representations. Skawennati questions history, appropriates representations of the past and present, tells stories and […]