Eliza Griffiths : Actes d’amour

New Paintings and Drawings by the artist
November 5 – December 17, 2016

ELLEPHANT is pleased to present Actes d’amour, the newest series of large scale oil paintings and intimate drawings by Montreal- based artist Eliza Griffiths.

Griffiths is a painter whose work explores psychological and social themes using a cast of invented characters. The works exhibited in Actes d’amour feature fictive and speculative scenes of ambiguously nurturing, needy, conflictual and intimate relationships. The characters appear like a recurring cast of female and male actors from a B-movie director and are Frankesteinian psychic constructions that embody multiple states of mind and fluid intersubjectivities. Informed by neuroscience and explorations in existential phenomenology, each scene is a suspended painting space mixed with existential melodrama, colour field painting, narrative and non-verbal communication.

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