Emmanuelle Léonard’s “Deployment” presented at the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris

Emmanuelle Léonard’s exhibition “Deployment”, presented at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris in collaboration with the Galerie de l’UQAM.

This work highlights a body of work initiated in 2018 during a research residency in Canada’s Far North, more specifically in the heart of Nunavut, as part of the Canadian Forces Arts Program.

Emmanuelle Léonard undertook an artistic project focused on the military, scientific and industrial activities associated with the Inuit population in Canada’s Far North. Her work bears witness to the conditions in which the hierarchical groups involved in Operation Nunalivut evolve, as well as the interactions between the military, scientists and Inuit workers in Salluit. The artist films the soldiers in difficult conditions, emphasizing their expectation and relative passivity in the face of challenges, while highlighting their relationship with Arctic nature.

Curated by Louise Déry, “Deployment” takes a critical look at the realities of Canada’s Far North, addressing the political, environmental and social dimensions that characterize this unique region.

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Exhibition views:

Deploiement-8, Emmanuelle LéonardLe Deploiement-32, Emmanuelle LéonardLe Deploiement-38- Emmanuelle LéonardDeploiement-7, Emmanuelle LéonardLe Deploiement-43-Emmanuelle LéonardDeploiement-44-Emmanuelle LéonardDeploiement-49-Emmanuelle LéonardDeploiement-51-Emmanelle LéonardDeploiement-52-Emmanelle LéonardDeploiement-62-Emmanuelle Léonard
Pictures by Vincent Royer, Open Up Studio/Centre culturel canadien, Paris, 2023