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Date(s) - Oct/28/2020 - Jan/5/2021
12:00 AM


Calico & Camouflage is a fashion collection of ResistanceWear defined by traditionally-inspired ribbon shirts and military-style cargo pants–two articles of clothing that are intertwined with the history of colonization on Turtle Island. (…) Calico & Camouflage exists in both the digital and the physical world. The basic elements of the collection were designed first for the avatars that Skawennati and her team have lovingly customized. In addition to their clothing, accessories, hair, and makeup, each avatar was given a protest sign. It soon became clear that the collection had to be brought into the physical world to be worn by Real Human Beings who wish to simultaneously proclaim their Indigeneity and their readiness to resist ongoing assimilation. (…) Calico & Camouflage: Demonstrate brings together the digital and fabric versions of the collection. The brightly coloured calicos and camouflage patterns cover the gallery windows, while inside, avatars and mannequins fill the space, demonstrating that resistance is fertile.



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