Jean-Pierre Gauthier : Uncertainty Markers

February 25 – April 1st , 2017
Artist talk March 25, 4 – 5 pm

ELLEPHANT is pleased to present Uncertainty Markers, a series of four new drawing machines by Montreal- based artist Jean-Pierre Gauthier. Earlier versions were first presented at the Bina Ellen Gallery in 2005 and more recently at the Guido Molinari Foundation in Montreal. This series of robotic drawing machines is part of an ongoing project by the artist merging sound, movement and mechanical drawing.

Each machine generates elaborate and surprising drawings on the walls they travel across. Each one has its own unique personality, bringing to mind different otherworldly creatures whose movements create specific patterns that develop in a stochastic manner. The installation titles often reference the animals, insects or movements the machines mimic. The exhibition also includes three small interactive sculptures, and a sound work, further exposing Gauthier’s poetic and playful practice.

Through the combination of everyday objects and complex mechanical systems, as well as a thoughtful mix of order and confusion, these kinetic and sound-based works by Gauthier offer the audience an opportunity to intimately experience his fascinating and humorous artistic universe.

Click here to read Jean-Pierre Gauthier’s bio.

Presented in partnership with Art Souterrain and Montreal Digital Spring.