Stanley Wany

Stanley Wany’s work draws from his multiethnic heritage. Having immigrated from the Caribbean, Wany’s family history has roots in Haiti, Trinidad, Cuba, England, France and Spain, as well as from African countries who remain unknown – the legacy of the enslavement of his ancestors. His practice explores the aesthetic potential of unconventional mediums to embody the concept of “creolization” as developed by writer Édouard Glissant. Fuelled by the haphazard results of his experimentations with coffee, indigo, cotton, and hemp, combined with his skills in the artistic mediums of pen & ink, charcoal, watercolour and plaster, the unexpected becomes the starting point for creating his drawings, sculptures and installations. His artworks have been presented and acquired in Canada, Australia, the United-States, Finland, France and Portugal. Helem, his latest graphic novel, was published by Conundrum Press, Canada in 2021.